Sunday, August 21, 2011

Harry Potter Midnight Premiere

July 15th + Approx. 15 hours of waiting in line (good job John) + 3 free Jimmy John sandwiches + Countless crazy people + Some wizard duels + A handful of sobbing weirdos + An amazing movie
= Harry Potter Midnight Showing

P.S. Andy was there too

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Stacey's Turn

I was lucky enough to be invited to Sara and Miranda's Cali trip!  Six hours in the car flew by with a little help from some new-to-me friends.
                                                                    One Tree Hill

                                                                               Clay Aiken

  Sara and I can now sing the days of the week in Espanol as well!

Our hotel had intense character!  We had a fab time trying to find a parking spot and resisting the urges of our wonderful library and free popcorn.

Thursday night was wonderful.  Mann's Chinese Theater, Disney restaurant, Crum's cupcakes, and fun size Batman.
What more could you expect from such a colorful place?

 Friday was a random day at LAX.  We made a new friend who declared that he wrote a song by Guns and Roses.  Rad! Then he was convinced that I reminded him of an actress.  After a thoughtful few moments of intense creepy staring he proclaimed, "I got it! Molly Ringwald!  You remind me of her!"

  Oh, well duh.  If by Molly Ringwald you mean a chubby Mexican girl, than I totally see the resemblance!   Special!
Saturday was totally the highlight!
The Belasco was PHENOMENAL!  We made amazing friends who helped the time go by quickly.
We had our 15 seconds of fame by being interviewed by local news and British Botox.

We also met Styke--an amazing new buddy from CNN!  Pretty much amazing!

The whole trip was totally worth it to get a small glimpse of Will and Kate.
If you look really close we are there.  Promise!
Thank you Sara and Miranda for inviting me.  It was a pleasure and the best summer road trip ever! Check it!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

California by Miranda

Sara did an awesome job describing in detail our LA trip! I thought I would just add a couple things to it!

So Sara and I have gone to LA on Spring Break for the past 3 years! We had no plans to do a summer trip but when Will and Kate come to America you bet we are going to be there! We were lucky enough to convince Stacey to join us this time. Hopefully, we haven't scared her away from future trips!

It has become a tradition that the first night we get into town we go eat at The Disney Soda Shop and Restaurant to see our good friend James. He has been our waiter all 3 years that we have gone and is always entertaining. So, of course, Stacey HAD to meet James. When we got there we were devastated to learn that he was not working that night. After shedding a few silent tears, we decided to go ahead and eat anyways. Our waiter was a very sweet girl but it wasn't the same! We missed you James!

Now on to Saturday and the Red Carpet at the Belasco! Sara was not exaggerating in the least about how long we were there. We got there at about 10:00am and left about 8:00 that night. It was a long day but worth every second! Even the second degree sunburn on the back of my neck has not ruined the experience for me. However, I will never forget my neck again when putting on sunscreen! Not only did we get to see Will, Kate, and tons of other celebrities, we made some awesome new friends! Stacey seemed to be a magnet for the paparazzi as she was interviewed many times throughout the day. All 3 of us were interviewed by Daybreak which is the UK's version of the Today Show.

There were so many celebrities we saw that it would take forever to name them all. However, there is one huge celebrity that Sara forgot to mention. He was pretty much the main event!


Ok so Derek Hough is not the biggest celebrity in the world! If you don't watch Dancing with the Stars you probably don't know who he is! It might have been the sun causing us to be a bit loopy but we found it absolutely hilarious that he was included in the list of "major" celebrities that would be there!

On Sunday, the last day of our trip, we made our final stop on our Will and Kate sight seeing tour. We were able to see them drive by and wave as they went in to the Inner City Arts school on Skid Row. The school is for homeless children. On our way back to the car we saw some homeless people and it really made me grateful for what I have. There are things that we don't even realize how lucky we are to have them.

Even though our trip was short it was a blast! Thank you Will and Kate for taking the time to come visit the US. You are even more handsome and beautiful in person! Please come back soon!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

California by Sara

What do you do when the future King of England marries a beautiful commoner in the most televised wedding in over 20 years and then takes a tour of North America including Los Angeles, CA?
Why you take a road trip of course.

4 days, 3 tanks of gas, 1 delightfully unique hotel courtyard complete with library, more encounters with hobos than is ever necessary and we have returned, slightly sunburned, perhaps closer friends and one Prince William (and Kate's shoulder) sighting richer.

Thursday: Drove to L.A.
Walked down Hollywood Blvd., ate dinner at the Disney Restaurant and got cupcakes at Crumbs. Saw Jennifer Aniston's freshly made hand prints for Mann's Chinese Theater.
Saw random stuff like this:

Friday: Randy's Donuts
Followed by what happens at LAX stays at LAX and the best Chili's ever.

Saturday: Got the the Belasco theater around 10:00. We were only the 2nd/3rd group there and so we got primo spots right behind the barricade and right in front of the red carpet. It was there that we proceeded to wait (make friends, laugh, down water, observe fights and get touched by hobos) for the next 8+ hours to see the arrivals of the stars/William & Kate on the red carpet.
And then the stars came:
There was a brief appearance by:
And then finally:

Despite sunburns and hobos the trip was perfect! We came to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and we succeeded. Something not many people can say they've done.