Tuesday, July 12, 2011

California by Sara

What do you do when the future King of England marries a beautiful commoner in the most televised wedding in over 20 years and then takes a tour of North America including Los Angeles, CA?
Why you take a road trip of course.

4 days, 3 tanks of gas, 1 delightfully unique hotel courtyard complete with library, more encounters with hobos than is ever necessary and we have returned, slightly sunburned, perhaps closer friends and one Prince William (and Kate's shoulder) sighting richer.

Thursday: Drove to L.A.
Walked down Hollywood Blvd., ate dinner at the Disney Restaurant and got cupcakes at Crumbs. Saw Jennifer Aniston's freshly made hand prints for Mann's Chinese Theater.
Saw random stuff like this:

Friday: Randy's Donuts
Followed by what happens at LAX stays at LAX and the best Chili's ever.

Saturday: Got the the Belasco theater around 10:00. We were only the 2nd/3rd group there and so we got primo spots right behind the barricade and right in front of the red carpet. It was there that we proceeded to wait (make friends, laugh, down water, observe fights and get touched by hobos) for the next 8+ hours to see the arrivals of the stars/William & Kate on the red carpet.
And then the stars came:
There was a brief appearance by:
And then finally:

Despite sunburns and hobos the trip was perfect! We came to see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and we succeeded. Something not many people can say they've done.

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